RUM46 (2006-2010)

Between 2006 and 2010 I have organized several exhibitions, screenings, residency programs, reading groups, lectures ect. in rum46 which is a non-profit exhibition and project space in Århus. It is run by a flexible group of local artists and curators. Since 1995 the members of rum46 work as a curatorial team of exhibitions in the gallery and events in public spaces of Århus city. rum46 also participate in international exhibitions as a collective.


A project for Pedagogical Factory at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.
By Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, Tanja Nellemann, Lise Skou, Barbara Katzin and Grete Aagaard from rum46. Curated by Jim Duignan from the Stockyard Institute.

Watch video – Men Teaching Boys To Be Men – 9:28 minutes >>

Listen to sound piece – If I Say, What Do You Say? – 15:37 minutes >>

Download - 100 Words Dictionary – 17 pages >>

The exhibition explores strategies for an educated city and the relationship between contemporary life in the city and learning.

The project “All the things we know…you know – School For Non-Productive Learning” is a school – and a neighbourhood project – focusing on what we have chosen to call “non-productive” learning (human interaction, dialogue, solidarity and social skills). School For Non-Productive Learning is based on the idea of a bottum-up participatory structure in education, rather than a top –down mandatory structure. The project explores constructions of identity and collective (political - self organized) actions in the city.

During a two week residency at HPAC we build a portable research center and a mobile audio studio in order to make interviews in local schools and in the streets. We are looking for (re)definitions and interpretations of words related to learning.

The project was carried out in dialogue with educators, social workers, poets, students, philosophers and passers-by – all citizens in the Hyde Park Area of Chicago.
The project consists of a video, a soundscape, a dictionary and posters.

In addition we curated a poetry workshop and a performance evening with the local poet Orron at HPAC. In 2008 rum46 continued the project by organizing a School for Non-Productive Learning seminar in Århus.

School for Non – Productive Learning was realized with support from Århus Municipality culture fund and the Danish Arts Council.
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